Meet the SureFlap Pets

We are all animal lovers at SureFlap, so we thought we would share our pets with you, some of which you may recognise from our packaging and other promotional materials!




Flipper the SureFlap Cat
I provided my owner, Dr Nick Hill, with the inspiration for the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, after a series of distressing incidents caused by conventional cat flaps.    Hoshi the SureFlap Cat I have been the ‘Face of SureFlap’ since 2009 and appear in many of SureFlap’s marketing campaigns and on the front of the SureFlap cat flap box.




Bramble the SureFlap Cat I have been a product tester since early 2008. I get great job satisfaction from making faces at the neighbourhood cats who can no longer come into my home.   Lucie cat I was recently adopted from Wood Green Animal Shelters. I'm settling in well in my new home and I just can't get enough of my red ball!




Petra dog I am nearly 2 years old and I enjoy walks, playing and visiting SureFlap Head Office. But everyone's usually too busy to play with me!   Poppy cat I live with Petra. At the moment I am an indoor only cat due to a severe leg injury but I am still very playful and happy.

Dexter & Sharkbait



Dexter and Sharkbait degus We are degus and we always cuddle up when we sleep. We love to run on our wheel really fast and you will often hear us talking to each other.   Jeffrey budgie In spite of my name, I am actually a girl! I love to fly around the room and will often aim for your head so watch out!

Grey, Black & Maran Chickens



Grey, black and maran chickens
On average we produce a dozen eggs between us per week. Our daily routine involves taking a dust bath under the hedge and combing the garden for tasty morsels.   Baloo cat
I am a very handsome chap. Here I am with a wet nose just after my evening meal! I live with Cava and Rex.




Cava cat
I am pretty, timid and a bit of a Daddy's girl; except when Mummy is bringing me food! I live with Baloo and Rex.
  Rex cat
I am a very chilled out kitty who wants to be cuddled all the time. I am a gentle giant! I live with Baloo and Cava.



Bijou & Basile

Bella dog
My name is Bella. I’m the friendliest husky on the planet. I even love cats! Unfortunately they never want to play with me.
We are two very active little dogs who love to cuddle, play with a ball and go for walks.