Flipper's Part in the Microchip Cat Flap Creation

Flipper’s first cat flap was a low-cost non-selective type which within weeks was being used by several of the neighbourhood’s cats.  Tired of frequent cat fights and spraying incidents in the kitchen his owner, SureFlap inventor Dr Nick Hill, purchased a magnetic cat flap.

Flipper was unimpressed with the collar he had to wear to operate the cat flap and was forever clawing at it.  He finally managed to lose the collar and was left out in the cold all night.  Given the price of a new collar and tag, it became apparent that Flipper’s antics could prove costly.

Nick looked at the other selective entry cat flaps on the market and found that they all required Flipper to wear a collar.  As a physicist, Nick realised the potential of using Flipper’s identification microchip to operate a cat flap.

Three years’ of intensive research and development later, Nick launched the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap in early 2008.  Flipper is much happier now…SureFlap was worth the wait.