SureFlap News

29/07/13       Feline Fights are Top Cause for Concern Says Vet CatWatch Day

13/06/13       Secret Life of Cat Beyond and Inside Cat Flap

11/06/13       Keep Your Cat 'Safe as Houses' says Wood Green

11/06/13       Cats Speak to Their Owners, But are They Listening?

11/06/13       SureFlap Pet Doors Reduce Stress and Improves Cats' Quality of Life

26/04/13       Vets Called to Action to Check on the Health of the Nation’s Cats

26/04/13       Cat Owners Asked to Observe their Cats on CatWatch Day

26/04/13       SureFlap Unveils DualScan Microchip Cat Flap for Selective-exit at BSAVA Congress

26/04/13       Cat Owners’ Open Door Policy is Creating Stress Says Research

06/02/13       Crafty Intruders Stopped with SureFlap’s New Pet Door

04/02/13       SureFlap Offers ‘A Cat's-eye View of the Neighbourhood’ at BSAVA

04/01/13       Dog and Owner’s Life Transformed by SureFlap’s New Pet Door   

16/09/12       Retailers to Benefit from New SureFlap Pet Door

07/09/12       SureFlap’s New Recruits Have International Pedigree

05/09/12       Top Tips for Reducing Feline Stress

23/08/12       New SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Designed for Customer Satisfaction

20/06/12       SureFlap Survey Reveals Feline Neighbours At War

01/06/12       Cat No Longer 'Walks by Itself' SureFlap Survey Shows

01/06/12       SureFlap Gives Cats Freedom and Supports PDSA

01/05/12       SureFlap Announces the New Microchip Pet Door at Interzoo

12/04/12       Boost Front of House Sales With SureFlap Training Video   

02/04/12       SureFlap Says ‘Savvy’ Reception Staff Boost Profits